Character Analysis: How I Left Ned

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The wife of Ned or the narrator of the short story “How I left Ned” is portrayed as a wholesome, small town wife who lives a simple life, but oddly enough has the same mentality of the crooked farmers. The story begins with the wife quickly noticing that the men she is buying corn from are not exactly farmers. She notices the subtle details such as their clothing and not having a “peaceful demeanor.” From this we begin to realize of her sharpness and awareness. Her small comment “hell I’m no fool” begins to show the idea that she has a feeling of the underdog or that she is busting at the seams of her boring marriage. “I thought about Ned and organic lentils and his rice cakes, about his fat content and antioxidant obsession, about his juicer.” I thought about Ned spooning exactly one level teaspoon of nonfat sour cream onto his microwaved baked potato every Wednesday night as a special treat.…show more content…
I believe the author Sherrie Flick’s style of this part of the story was implied well, because you almost feel annoyed by Ned also. At this point in the story, the wife is beginning to contemplate her life’s decisions with Ned. She is beginning to get snappy with the phony farmers because she feels as though once again she is being belittled. She mentions how she bargains with the farmers because she knows the price of corn and is not going to let these crooks pull one over on her. She even feels like they are being indirect with her and almost mocking her miserable situation at home. Then, the mentality of being a criminal herself takes

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