A Rhetorical Analysis Of Twix

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Mars. Incorporation has been selling a cookie biscuit that is cascaded with chocolate and caramel for over 35 years. The company has also come up with a new commercial that features a small dispute of two Cooperative Chief Executive officer in the same business. On the opening day of the company these two CEO's had broken the long candy bar named Twix into two halves.The two CEO's names of the Twix company are Earl and Seamus.The two CEO's continued to fight for the rest of the day in front of the audience. Earl and Seamus simply would not give up on who will pull the strings of the company. In the end Seamus and Earl had done the next most reasonable thing to do,split the company into two parts. The company was put into a division for two…show more content…
The need for this is food. The advertisement uses descriptive words such as cascaded,cloaked, and many more to describe chocolate biscuit log which is also know as a Twix candy bar. The commercial uses two descriptive words with the same meaning for different sides. As a well made example for this idea is delicious and cascade. Food is a valuable resource for energy or calories. Without energy simply nobody would accomplish anything in this world right now. That is somewhat similar by somebody saying that the planet earth is flat. If there was not any energy source on Earth, this planet might be considered a piece of rock. There are many types of food, candy, and bars. A Twix bar might satisfy a person's hunger for a couple hours. If a person is starving, they might end up sick and vomit everything they consume if the food is eaten fast. This diagram below shows the process of making a Twix bar. In the beginning of the commercial according to Fowles law, the need to aggress was shown. One of the Cooperative chief executive ended up breaking their valuable product.after that the two companies started a battle against each other. The commercial scene had shown yelling with anger from both of the main characters. In the picture shown below anybody can see that two people are physically being pulled apart. These partners also had a girly cat scratch fight. One of the pair tried to

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