Pesticides In Rachael Carson's Silent Spring

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Many individuals can be vulnerable to pesticides in the environment such as food, water, air, pollution, etc. Elserougy (2012) discuss three forms such as domestic and/or agricultural use, vector control, and environmental residues (Elserougy et al., 2012). DDT, (Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane), was first noticed by Othmar Zeidler in 1874, but in the year 1939 that Paul Mueller discovered its insect killing properties. Shortly, during the 1970’s Rachael Carson’s novel entitled Silent Spring encounter the effects of the chemical affecting health due to the usage of DDT pesticide. According, several tropical and sub-tropical regions still use the DDT pesticide to combat arthropod-borne diseases such as malaria (Walker, 2000). The main focus

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