A Raisin In The Sun Younger Family Essay

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The Younger family in A Raisin in the Sun did not make a mistake in not taking Lindner’s offer to buy them out of the family's dream house in this neighbourhood. They made a bold decision to move into a place where they are the first and only colored people, which shows that this family wasn't going to sanction themselves to be pushed around like the rest of their race at this time. The colored people at this time were segregated from the rest of the world. They were all crammed into small houses and had a really hard time getting jobs and an education. African Americans would not be where they are today if they did not take a stand. The Younger family choosing to move to this white neighbourhood shows they going to maintain their family dignity…show more content…
All the characters in the book have a dream of some sort. Walter is constantly dreaming about being rich. He dreams about being able to buy anything he wants. At one point in the book Walter says, “Hell, yes, I want me some yachts someday! Yes, I want to hang some real pearls 'round my wife's neck.” (143) Mama’s preeminent dream is for her family. She wants to have a happy family full of love. She has a plant that symbolizes this that she takes care of as well as she can. This plant also symbolizes Mama’s dream of a house and a garden that she can manage and work in. In the book, the house that Mama goes and purchases has a spot for a garden. Mama mentions, ”Well ,I always wanted me a garden like I used to see sometimes at the back of the houses down home. This plant is close as I ever got to having one.” (53) If Walter had taken Lindner’s money Mama’s dream of owning a house and having a garden would’ve never come true, but they didn't take the money which I believe was a start to making a lot of the Younger family’s dreams come true. Moving into the house is a start of a new life and a new happiness in the family. Beneatha’s dream is being a doctor. She was working really hard to fulfil that dream while everyone else was bringing her down, but they weren’t able to hinder her in any

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