A Parent's Pride In 'The Boogeyman' By Stephen King

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Children act as little snapshots of a parent’s past. When a child is born, the parent excitedly asks excitedly, “does the baby look like me?” Although one may see the best parts of oneself in their child, taking pride in their good qualities, yet children are also the holders of a parent's worst qualities. In the short story “The Boogeyman” by Stephen King, Mr. Billings is haunted by the boogeyman, killing each of his children one by one. Mr. Billings tells his story to a psychiatrist named Dr. Harper, who removes his mask, revealing that he was the boogeyman all along. The Boogeyman is a manifestation of Mr. Billings’s insecurities and self hatred. Billings attempts to rid himself of his own personal evils by sacrificing the children

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