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The Life of Saint John Vianney There are many saints out there, but none are as interesting as Saint John Vianney. Starting from rough beginnings his devotion to God stayed with him to the end. Saint John Vianney taught us about what it means to live for Christ in everything we do. His impact on the Catholic religion through his accomplishments can be seen to this day. Perhaps one of his greatest accomplishments was obtaining the ability to read a man’s heart and tell him about his future. Saint John Vianney was taught from the very beginning to love God, no matter what the cause is. His religious life would not have been possible if it weren’t for his mother. He was taught to love the Virgin Mary when he was only an infant. School life for Saint John Vianney was just like most kids. He had troubles in his studies that affected him mentally and physically. “It was only after much toil and trouble that St. John Vianney was admitted to the priesthood. At the age of 20, he was having great difficulty in his studies for the priesthood” (Trochu).…show more content…
John Vianney had loved Mary from the cradle. As a priest he had exerted all his energy in spreading her glory. (Trochu) His love for the Virgin Mary was immense. He had a statue of Mary created in her glory. On May 1, 1836, he had dedicated his parish to Mary Conceived Without Sin. The picture which perpetuates this consecration, says Catherine Lassagne, is placed at the entrance to our Lady’s Chapel. Shortly afterwards he ordered a heart to be made, in vermeil (color), which is, even to this day, suspended from the neck of the miraculous Virgin Mary. (Trochu). On evenings of communion his Church would always be full. No one wanted to miss Saint John Vianneys’ homily in honor of the virgin

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