A Few Notes For Orpheus Analysis Essay

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People have to encounter many different personalities throughout the duration of their life, which may result in misplaced judgment. An individual doesn’t get a say in who they are exposed to on a daily basis, hence resulting in vacillation. When an issue arises and is not dealt with a person is left to carry the unresolved tension into their present lives. A similar situation to the ones mention above occurred in my personal life. It eventuated between my aunt and me. In the excerpt “ A Few Notes For Orpheus” the author, Don Bailey suggest that when an individual faces disparagement from a somebody seen as an authority figure, they often struggle with insecurity, thus resulting in the repetition of familiar happenings from their past. The…show more content…
If an issue is left unspoken it will continue to burden an individual for the remainder of their life. This is shown in the piece “A Few Notes For Orpheus” by the sentence, “I stood there feeling awkward, the way I had so often in the past.” The character and his father haven’t spoken about their strained relationship, so as he visits his dad in the present the events of the past are still evident. Children often mimic their elders, so Gus ultimately learns his parenting skills from his dad. The text given expresses this by the line, “Get her, Gus! Move, you stupid bugger!” Gus’s hesitance to react to his daughter drowning demonstrates the disconnection him and her have, just like him and his father. When words are left unsaid, regret finds a way to become prevalent in one’s life. “A Few Notes For Orpheus” shows this by the line “So often in the past when he had offered things in that tone I’d refused. Now I jumped into the boat before he left without me.” This part shows that the character now regrets refusing his father’s companying and now jumps at the opportunity to experience it. Talking about how you feel will allow you to understand the mistakes you made, regrets you have and not repeat them going forward. It will give you a sense of comfort and allow you to feel at

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