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This week’s reading all are on the topic of justice. Wolterstoff discusses how we should have the viewpoint of justice rather than charity. He brought up some interesting points about the rights of people. I thought it was interesting to view things as rights rather than graces from God. I think I like his view better. I would rather live in a hopeful world where I am expected to be treated well rather than being treated well being a rare occurrence. When working with clients, this is the mindset I will try to have when working with them. Clients don’t deserve to be victims of injustice and they deserve to have a full life of happiness. If clients saw their lives in that way it may give them a more optimist and positive mind frame to advocate and take action in their…show more content…
He discussed six basic theological foundations and how they influence social action. The six categories are as followed: sin is personal and social, persona are body/soul unities made for community, the gospel is the good news of the kingdom, salvation is personal and social, Jesus is true God and true man-the only way to salvation, and heaven is not the end of the world. The area that I thought was most interesting what the topic of community. Man is not meant to be alone. God created Eve to be with Adam so he was not alone. Even Jesus was never alone as he had 12 disciples with him all the time, something I had not connected until this reading. Jesus did not do all of his work by himself. Though he could have done everything alone, he had partners along with him. This is similar to what we do as social workers. We partner along side people to seek out help for the hurting. Jesus was always challenging the status quo per say. He worked with women and others who were seen as unfit in those times. Today, we get work with people who are marginalized and seen as less than. It is our call to serve them and treat them with respect like the people they

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