7th Heaven Short Story

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7th heaven One is too lonely. Two is one too many. Three sounds free, But is stuck behind four. And five is neither here nor there, While six seems stuck in a fix. But seven sounds like pure heaven. Suddenly, eight doesn’t sound so great. Nine misses perfection every time. And since ten is one in reverse, That leaves seven as our winner, and well deserved. ---------------------------------------------- A Healthy Hatred Them greens, them greens So good for us it seems, But our mouths always cower In those darkest of dinner hours. Mum said it’s fine If we choose not to eat, But there’s one catch we missed Nor will we get our meat! And like a great big monopoly It starts with clouds of green broccoli, While crunchy hard carrots Squawk…show more content…
I put up with it all The chewing, biting and stretching, I’d never tell of my pain, Even now when my heart is breaking. One fine day there I was Hanging off the tip of her tongue, Then she took me so softly and curled me so tightly And in a flash, I was flung. Now here I spend my days On this cold, wet, cement step, Stood, jumped and even sat on Beside the crust of a rotting crêpe. I warn you, don’t go giving your all To any girl who just comes chasing, She’ll chew you up and spit you out And ground-down you’ll be facing. But I can tell you this my friends, I’m not the only sufferer in town, All you have to do is take a light stroll You’ll find us just by looking down. ---------------------------------------------- Tick Tock Blank. Blur. Block. My head’s taken a knock, For nothing comes and nothing goes And every thought is locked. I think to myself “I’ll get it soon,” But that was at 9 And now it’s noon. The day goes by So fast, oh why, Time, my dear friend Help make this day end. But before you do Find me time to write, I’m so lost for words Don’t be so tight. Oh, where to start? Oh, how can this be? I’ve yet to

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