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The history of ice hockey goes way back to the 18th century. The history of the sport ice hockey has many interesting facts that you might of had not known before. The sport of ice hockey was first played by Canada’s first college boy's. The college that was first playing ice hockey was the college of King’s College School. They found the sport when they used to skate on ice which was frozen ponds or lakes. When the sport was first played it was called Ice Hurley but over the period of time it changed into Ice hockey. Fun fact! Did you now Ice hockey is the earliest reference in English literature of a ball- stick game? The first person to write the history of Nova Scotia is someone called Haliburton. He was the first Canadian to obtain international recognition as a writer. After the boy's that first created ice hockey in King’s college school adapted Hurly which is also known as hockey to the ice,…show more content…
The sections which are played can also vary for different levels of competition. There are only 2 basic ice hockey rules which are offside, and icing. Offside means that if a striking player enters the opposite teams defending zone, which is marked by the blue line, ahead of the puck, The player that is playing will be called offside. If this situation occurs, the game that is going on, will stop and a face- off will occur in the neutral zone. Another basic rule of ice hockey is icing. Icing refers to a player striking the puck from their own half, past the opposite team’s goal without having it diverting off or coming into contact/ place with with another player. If this scenario occurs, the game will stop and the puck will be returned to the place where the pass was done, without a goal given. To win the game of ice hockey you have to get the most points with your team because every shot that you get into the opposite teams net, you get 1 point because every shot you get in the net, it is a 1 point

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