1.1 Explain The Importance Of Tapestry In Research

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In our setting we give the option to parents to agree to letting us use what is called tapestry, this is an on line system of making and logging observations. When I say on line it is totally secure, members of staff have a tablet that stays at work in a locked cabinet to take photos of their key children doing things that are linked to the EYFS learning goals and also any other wow moments that can be recorded. We then have our own log in details that only we use to then save and link to what the observation covers, once it is saved parents get an email to say that there is a new observation. Parents can then view the observation and leave a comment if they wish. Parents do this by using their own email address and a password that is given to them on setting up the tapestry which they can then change to something they will remember. Once photos have been logged and the observation saved to tapestry the photos are then…show more content…
If we were to come across this situation there are things we can do and policies in place to help us make sure we do things correctly. Firstly if the parents have not learnt English due to not wanting to then we could get an interpreter, depending on the age of the child they may be able to help in the meantime if the parent needed to let us know any concerns or any needs for their child. We also could give the parents any information on local groups who may also speak their language to help them feel included in the community or maybe find information on language courses if they wish to learn. Making sure we help the child if they are still learning English by giving them support and encouragement and maybe having a dictionary to hand so if they we are struggling to understand them in either language we can try and translate roughly what they are trying to tell

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