Konerak Sinthasomphonee Case Summary

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Case Brief: Estate of Konerak Sinthasomphone v. City of Milwaukee, 838 F. Supp. 1320 (1993). Facts: On May 27, 1990 Konerak Sinthasomphone, a 14 year old Laotian male, was befriended by Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer convinced the young boy to return with him to his apartment and let Dahmer take photos of him. Once in the apartment Sinthasomphone posed for several photos. Dahmer subsequently drugged Sinthasomphone placing him in a deep sleep. At some point Dahmer drilled a hole in Sinthasomphone’s head and poured a mixture of diluted hydrochloric acid into the hole in order to induce a “zombie-like state”. Dahmer later detailed this was used on his victims in order to control them. Dahmer later left his apartment in the early hours and went to a local…show more content…
He was spotted by two women who called 911. Dahmer returned and located Sinthasomphone before the police arrived. He advised the original complainant that he would take care of the young man since he was drunk and started escorting the young man back to his apartment. EMS members and police arrived and contacted Dahmer. Dahmer calmly related the same story to the police that he had told the complainant. He also advised that he and Sinthasomphone had been in his apartment taking pictures. Dahmer remained composed while he and the officers returned Sinthasomphone back to his apartment. In the meantime, the officers disregarded the EMS members. Once at the apartment, the officers observed that there were no signs of a struggle and they observed the photos that Dahmer had previously referenced. The police exited the apartment leaving Sinthasomphone with Dahmer. Dahmer subsequently killed Sinthasomphone within the next thirty minutes. Main issue: Are the police officers in this case entitled to qualified immunity? Did the police officers and the City of Milwaukee violate Sinthasomphone’s constitutional rights? Court Deciding: United States District Court,

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