Power Of Vampires Research Paper

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Mrs.Granado Language Arts Period 2 5 October, 2015 Research Prompt: How has the power of Vampires Evolved? Hey, i'm Amaan, and my topic revolves around vampires, or more specifically their origins. How has the power of vampires evolved over time, from the old folktales to the new movies and books? I chose this topic because the protagonist of my book is a vampire. I was very intrigued by vampires, and even more than that, how they came to be. I was surprised when i discovered that “the first vampire story was published by John Polidori in 1819”(Polidori), nearly two centuries ago. I was shocked to find out that vampires were made as a joke in order to entertain people and bring laughter. Little did they know how successful the idea of bloodsucking

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