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  • Patricia Urquiola Product Design

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    Youzhong Xing Introduction: A Spanish industrial designer Patricia Urquiola has become the most famous female industrial designer in her field. Urquiola`s choice draw near to product design and have an influence by architecture has established her as a lead figures in contemporary design. Her design include interior design, furniture design, decor design and even rug design, both indoor and outdoor. She provides feminine sensibility and sensuality in macho field. Like she said about her work “It’s

  • Elements Of Science Fiction

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    A study on the recurring elements and sub-genres of science fiction literature Introduction Science Fiction is a literary genre that deals with imaginative writing and incorporates elements that originate from science or scientific rudiments. It belongs to the category of speculative fiction and usually explores the impact of science and technology on the society. Science fiction has been a major literary genre consisting of various sub-genres and themes within it. A complete and inclusive definition

  • Gender Roles: The Gender Process Of Social Construction

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    Social construction is a concept that one may not be aware of while it takes place from a young age. People somewhat live in segregation depending on their skin colour, their class, or gender. In reality, skin colour, class or gender does not really mean anything; these concepts only have meaning because society has given them meaning (Flores, 2014). Social construction refers to how society has grouped people based on demographics and given privileges to those who are regarded as higher up (Flores