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  • Kaftan Analysis

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    In the Islamic Middle East section, Victoria and Albert Museum, I found three beautiful kaftans. From the collection, I chose this kaftan (right picture). I am going to talk about who wore this kaftan and what story the kaftan has in the 16th century in the paragraph two. In the paragraph three, I am going to mention about what kind of fabric showed status, and then I'll explore more about the status that this kaftan tells us in the paragraph four. Figure1 Princes' Kaftans from Ottoman Turkey

  • Christine De Pizan Summary

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    The Renaissance was a period in Europe when citizens became interested in the classical learning and ethics of ancient Greece and Rome. There were many accomplishments, such as the creation of new technologies, the discovery and exploration of new continents around the world, and the study of philosophy, literature, and art. However, there was one aspect of the Renaissance that some objected to, and that was the mistreatment of women in all classes. One person whom spoke out against the exploitation

  • Gender Diversity In Leadership

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    Despite the activities movement set up across the group to fight for feminism within our societies and the workplace yet still gender gaps remains an issue though these has been advancements in female in education, labor force participation, and leadership roles such as political heads. For instance out of 178 heads of state in the 12 out of these political roles is held by female compared to the previous masculine leadership traits. A lot has been done yet there is an issue of cultural and gender

  • Women Cannery Lives Summary

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    Ruiz, Vicki L. Cannery Women, Cannery Lives: Mexican Women, Unionization, and the California Food Processing Industry, 1930-1950. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1987. The author’s study is “centered on the historical experiences of Mexican women canning and packing workers in California during the 1930s and 1940s. It explores the connections of work, culture, and gender as well as the relationship between women’s networks and unionization.” The author’s purpose of writing this book is

  • Persepolis Reflection

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    One of the hardest conundrums in today’s literary world continues to be the lasting debate between purists and un-conventionalists, the domain of comics, or in more sophisticated and less ‘labelled’ term, Graphic Novels. As children growing up in a largely DC vs. Marvel dominated world, our immediate associations to the phrase ‘pictures in a book’ is a group of hyper-masculine men fighting the cruel world of humans. However, Marjane Satrapi shatters these boundaries with one prominent work, not

  • Ecocriticism In Literature

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    and the connection between the natural world and the cultural artefacts of language and literature. Although Ecocriticism is synonymously used with Environmentalism, there are several other co-philosophies, such as, Deep Ecology, Eco-Marxism, Eco-Feminism, Post-colonial Ecocriticism etc which explore the possibility of an improved man-nature

  • Dove Real Beauty Advertisement Analysis

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    Over the years, the Feminist Movement has been on the rise and has influenced much change in society in terms of female equality and empowerment. It has been at its highest point in recent years and has created the new concept of “Femvertising”. In short, Femvertising is taking a modern day feminist issue, such as body image, and portraying it in an advertisement. Advertisers will usually do this for one of two reasons: to sell a product or just to bring awareness to the issue. However, the main

  • Essay On Social Media Addiction

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    wailing child, to the time you use the education programs on television as a substitute for parenting. Back in the good old days before the time of the smartphones, there are those that had used handheld games as a tool of distraction too. It is ironic that one would feel that technology overwhelms when it is always there as a means to 'entertainment' and perhaps a little time out for the parents. Upon that, the addiction has lead to a phenomenon that technologies are dominating the

  • Chinese Teenage Idols Analysis

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    Invasion of Chinese teen idols, sometimes called 'young fresh meat', has triggered a backlash in an entertainment industry that is now beginning to insist on professional standards It seems the "young fresh meat" phenomenon has reached a tipping point. It is a Chinese slang term that refers to teen idols, especially male. Think of Justin Bieber when he was first breaking out. For several years now, their androgynous faces have been splattered across billboards and screens, not to mention cyberspace

  • Importance Of Women's Rights Essay

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    domestic violence and social injustice. Then came the 1980s when the women of the world started to speak for the themselves. Women's Rights movements were created to fight for equal rights and justice. Along with the different protests and objections, Feminism started to empower more women around the globe. Pushing the boundaries and started moving to prove that there is more than being"just a woman" to the world, the society has slowly "accepted" femininity. But despite of all the progress that we have