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  • Porter's Diamond Model Case Study

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    international competition. Porter classifies four determinants: Factor Condition, Diamond Condition, Relatives & supporting and Structure, strategy & Rivalry. Egypt government should acts to catalysts to improve Egypt position in a globally competitive economic environment. Porter's diamond model suggests threat there are inherent reasons why some nations are more competitive than others on an international market (Porter M., 1990). Another factor that influence in competitive advantages such as the policies

  • Japan Oil Crisis Case Study

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    After the time of the economic boom in the late 1960s followed the oil shock 1973. During this time increased the wholesale and customer prices for oil by 23-28 percent. The crisis had significant effects on the Japanese economy and brought them major difficulties. In whereas the national Bank of Japan had to tighten the money supply and raise their rediscount rate up to 9 percent. Because of the cuttings in money flow and the oil supply the deceleration of the economy led to the decrease of the

  • Importance Of International Business

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    than before and lesson the bureaucratic interference. This is evident by the fact that more authority has now been given to local governments to approve foreign investment. Better political and economic approach In the economic showground of the world today, China has become a recognized political and economic power that has played an important role in global business affairs. As the government in center is withdrawing control and delegating it. The controlled business environment is changing by the

  • Swot Analysis Of Coffee

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    In this part we focus on four elements: resources, culture, economic and legal/political in Colombia and talk about how they affect our business in Colombia as well as the comparison with China. 4.1 Resources • Natural resources Colombia, due to the geographical location, closing to the equator, with a combination

  • Definition Of Individual Liberty Essay

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    should be treated equally. The equality of being free, the power to do things, to believe or act on your own force. Finally, liberty means to live your life, and finding out who you are, taking the advantages of opportunities that best fits you. Economic equity can be defined as all citizens are supposed to be paid the same amount, but others believed that people should be paid for what they can afford of the distribution of assets, taxes, and resources among people of the society. In

  • Tourism In Pakistan Essay

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    Methodology: To determine the impact of tourism expenditure on economic growth of Pakistan I have taken the time series data from 1995 to 2012. Trade was used as an independent variable in the model. For the regression I have used the ordinary least square (OLS) method because all the variable were stationary at level. I took the data of GDP, trade and tourism expenditure from the World Bank website. Dependent variable: • GDP Independent variable • Tourism expenditure • Trade The model is as follows

  • Pro-Poor Tourism Case Study

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    as a significant contributor to economic development and the achievement of the UN MDGs. One of the outcome of this approach was the emergence of the pro-poor tourism (PPT) concept in the late 1990s. PPT aims to ‘increase the net benefits for the poor from tourism’ and ensures that ‘tourism growth contributes to poverty reduction’ (Ashley, Roe, & Goodwin, 2001, p. viii). Proponents of PPT have argued that although tourism is a sector that mainly focuses on economic concerns, it has more potential

  • The Pros And Cons Of Communism

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    The idea of communism was first presented by Karl Marx. Marx later studied political economics and Hegelian philosophy. Karl Marx was a philosopher, economist, historian, political theorist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist (Karl Marx). Communism, historically, was one of the most destructive forms of government (Communism)

  • Development Planning In Singapore Essay

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    INTRODUCTION According to National Geographic Education (n.d.), an urban area is where human structures such as houses, commercial buildings, roads, bridges, and railways are heavily develop and that most inhabitants have non-agricultural jobs. Thus, according to this definition, Singapore falls under the category of an urban state. In a city where it is densely populated like Singapore, which has currently 5.46 million people living in its land area of a mere 718 square kilometres, issues like sustainability

  • The Importance Of Obsolescence

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    Most of the world’s leading economies run purely on planned obsolescence for economic growth. This phenomenon lends itself to mass production satisfying consumer demands. Obsolescence as a practice has given rise to financial progress and changing business strategies over the years. In this paper, I make the claim that obsolescence has become a great contributor to the present day crises of environmental sustainability. Additionally, this paper provides insights on ways in which obsolescence is hidden