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  • Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

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    Challenges and Prospects for Entrepreneurship in Nigeria The entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the economic growth of a nation and Nigeria is not far from the same. There are many people who is a graduate and entrepreneurship becomes one of the solution for them to manage their living standards. In Nigeria, those people are successful entrepreneurs who are audacious male or female who have the capability to lead, manage and take everything into consideration. Those people are very hardworking

  • Structural Unemployment And Unemployment

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    unemployment rate will never reach 0%.The impact of the overall economic downturn on employment, which is likely to continue for several consecutive quarters. Research in the UK suggests that low tech, low educated workers and youth are most likely to be unemployed. In the economic downturn. After the recession of 1980s and 90, the unemployment rate took 5 years to come back down to its original level. A lot of companies are often observed in the economic recession period (they) of the rising employment claims

  • Globalization The Super Story By Thomas Friedman Summary

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    GLOBALIZATION’S VIEW Globalization as a tool to connect countries, governments, people, which has positives and negatives sides towards equality and opportunities. The article by Thomas Friedman, “Globalization: The Super-Story” expresses his posture among globalization which can be a controversial and complex topic to analyse. In some cases viewing Friedman’s point of view I did not agree and felt that the statements about globalization were more his opinion. According to Friedman “globalization

  • The Unholy Trinity Case Study

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    the end of World War 2, in 1944, the representatives of 45 governments met at Bretton woods conference in Washington to discuss the postwar economic co-operation among the countries and the result was the birth of The International Monetary Fund. It was founded in a view to help the economies. Any country who is a member could draw from IMF for its economic activities and could repay the debt in time. It came into existence on 27 December, 1945 with 29 countries

  • Canadian Dollar Downfall

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    The article discusses the drastic fall of the Canadian dollar and it impact to productivity. With it steady but fast drop, it has come as a shock to many businesses. The worth of the Canadian dollar is now below 75cent (U.S) and is expected to even fall further, which means the Canadian productivity performance will be affected. Although this drop is beneficial for exporters and increases the economy; on the other hand, it brings great cost for importers and decreases in productivity. Due to the

  • The Four Characteristics Of Unemployment In South Africa

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    Unemployment is defined as any person who is of working age (aged 16-64), who is currently looking for a job, but cannot find one. In developing countries, unemployment is of chronic and long-term nature. There are four types of unemployment, namely: Structural unemployment, Frictional unemployment, cyclical unemployment and Seasonal unemployment. The characteristics of unemployment would include the following: 1. Lack of skills: This is a large portion of unemployment in South Africa. Majority

  • Ar-Negara Malaysia's Financial Industry

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction The banking institutions play an important role in ensuring efficient financial system and thus contribute to economic stability. The households, firms and governments are reliant on banking institutions to obtain financial resources to meet the capital requirements and necessities fulfilment. As a result, there is variety of contracts especially a debt-based has been introduced. There are many products that are introduced into the needs of the unit shortfall

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Interstate Highway System

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    project were positive, the highway system has arguably been a net positive. Societal, Economic, and Environmental Impacts Arguing that that the highway system has been a net positive requires justification, as the project’s completion was not without its drawbacks. If one asked people what the interstate highway system has done for the country, they would most likely hear “it helped the economy” or

  • The Importance Of Agriculture In Agriculture

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    Increasingly, the world is counting on agriculture to produce more nutritious food for and improve the livelihoods of a booming population, especially the poor. The ability of the youths to engage in productive agricultural activities has social and economic benefits for both the young people and the economy. However, many youth have negative perceptions of farming. Young people are usually not interested in this field of work, in large part due to their perception of farming being antiquated and unprofitable

  • Cooperative Federalism Analysis

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    variables and keep the policy perspective in view. The strategy and policies that are required to improve the standard of living of the projected population and also improve human development to empower the people to productively engage themselves in economic activities over a long-term horizon are important. These should be constantly revisited to ensure their relevance.