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  • Keynes's Great Virtue Analysis

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    Keynes’ great merit lies in removing the old fallacy that prices are directly determined by the quantity of money. His theory of money and prices brings forth the truth that prices are determined primarily by the cost of production. Keynes does not agree with the old analysis which establishes a direct causal relationship between the quantity of money and the level of prices. He believes that changes in the quantity of money do not affect the price level (value of money) directly but indirectly through

  • The Importance Of Sustainability In Business

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    Sustainability development is a complex issue which in order to create, businesses have to combine efficiency, intergenerational equity on social and economic grounds. Managers normally feel it more difficult, to concentrate on innovation. That is not because they are not smart, good and high competent; the reason is that innovation is not part of their DNA. Usually managers do not understand the innovation

  • Super Bowl Economic Benefits

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    and the millions of fans watching on TV would not able to enjoy the biggest sports game of the year and experience life in a different city. If these millions of football fans did not crowd into the city, then the city would miss out on all the economic benefits. The Super Bowl is the most watched sports game in the world (McInerney). The only time it has failed to sell out all of the seats was during the first super bowl in 1976 (Flatt). Over the years, the Super Bowl has built up popularity as

  • Credit Crunch Economic Impact

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    mortgage and loan companies seized this opportunity to give various types of the mortgage loan, especially the subprime mortgage, which caused the bubble economy. Graham Turner wrote that in the short run, housing bubbles could provide a stimulus to economic growth if they hoodwink people into believing they are wealthier.(⑦) Absolutely, it did more harm than good. The second main reason is that lock of the limit of lending, the problem is on the subprime mortgage. Applicants of the subprime mortgage

  • Orix Corporation Case Study

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    established on April 17, 1964 in Osaka, Japan as Orient Leasing Co., Ltd. During the 1960s, ORIX Corporation was the pioneer batch in Japan providing leasing and corporate financing solutions to individual businesses during the booming period of economic growth in Japan. Till date, ORIX’s office can be found across 36 countries and regions worldwide. Retrieved from In Year 1972, Orix Leasing Singapore Limited “ORIX SINGAPORE” was incorporated in Singapore

  • Importance Of Stock Market In Nepal

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    The stock market is important not only to finance growth but also to provide economic stability. As an integral part and indicator of the nation’s development, the stock market represents a vital part of the financial market infrastructure which, together with the banking sector, supports the economic growth of the country. From a broader economic perspective, the stock market contributes directly to national economic growth in terms of employment and tax revenues, and indirectly through facilitating

  • Role Of International Economic Organizations In Globalization

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    of International Economic Organizations in Promoting Globalization ‘International organizations’, the term itself indicates the meaning hidden behind these two words. These are the organizations active across the boundaries of the countries working with an international presence and scope. The international organizations are established for various fields like Social, Political, Cultural, economic and many more. Here, we would concentrate specifically on ‘International Economic Organizations’, their

  • Essay On Democracy And Authoritarianism

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    development or does economic development first before democracy? These questions and many other academic questions surrounding the development issue are on the debate. Therefore this paper does not answer many of these questions but here I would like to present the effects caused by two prominent political systems of the world, Democracy and Authoritarianism. In this short easy we would like to focus on ways of effects they had in development, how do democracy effect the economic development of a country

  • Paulo Fanon's Theory Of Empowering The Youth In Africa

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    sportsmanlike qualities in the youth rather than focussing on empowering the youth in socio- economic and political activities, as a solution to national development (Fanon, 1961). Fanon (1961) argues that this is a retrogressive misconception and he points out that the young people of under-developed countries in 1961 are idle and that governments ought to provide occupations for them. In his view, empowering the youth would liberate Africa and bring forth sustainable development to Africa. Using

  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Globalization

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    potentially raises conflict and unemployment, which are harmful for the harmonious society. According to The Economic Times (2014), the Gini coefficient, which represents inequality of income, increased from 30.8 to 33.9 in India between early 1990s and late 2000s. To be specific, the continuing widespread gap made the most impoverished 20% people possess less than 10% of national total income (The Economic Times, 2014). Therefore, the so-called globalization didn’t essentially narrow the gap of wealth. After