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The Yucatan Maya video we saw an old and young family interaction that lived in the peninsula of southeastern Mexico. The village of Chikan showed their culture in which they choose to stay traditional; for example the Mayan son and father plant corn where only hand tools are used. This video made me realize that even though I'm not from their culture my relatives have done similar labor work and could compare to their life as well. In the video the children are influenced by what they observe, so the adults become their role models. My grandparent would plant corn or any other food in his field; he would bring his sons to help him work the land at a young age. My grandmother on the other hand would teach the girl's how to clean and cook and…show more content…
The Mayans raising children with patience making them highly dependent created a bond with their kids. Usually the father would bond with the oldest showing them the ropes of their everyday life; where when the time comes the "young" children aren't forced to do anything like the older ones. Based on the stories I’ve heard from my family, the oldest child would at young age help around the house and in raising their brother and sisters; while the youngest didn't have to do half the work the oldest put up with at the time. Another situation encountered by the modern Mayans are when they intended to send the young children to the city so they can go to school and learn; the oldest son from the field to the city and he said he couldn't live there. Saying there's "no room" he would prefer the campus where he is living with the noise of chicken and pigs. Relating to his situation Uncle the oldest, until this day is still living with my grandparents working on the field my grandparent still owns. Knowing the ways of " el campo" he has no intention following his brothers and sisters to the U.S. because he doesn’t imagine himself leaving his parents and the fields he grew

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