You Are My Sunshine Song Analysis

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American Routes broadcast on October 1 2014: Lovers, Brothers and Others: Making Sweet Music Together was an eclectic variety of music. From Country, Jazz, Motown, Swing and Blues, listeners are able to enjoy the various genres presented. Three main singers stood out above the rest, in the presentation, because of the love for the genre and/or the song itself. “You are My Sunshine” performed by Ray Charles, “Hey Boy! Hey Girl!” performed by Louis Prima and Kelly Smith, and “If I were a Carpenter” performed by Lee Dorsey. “You are My Sunshine” is a traditional song that has been covered many times by various groups/singers. The song played on American Routes broadcast, was a cover by the famous artist, Ray Charles. Ray Charles is known because of his blindness disability, soulful voice, and long outstanding career as an artist. The rendition that Ray Charles did would be considered of the Motown genre mean that the song had a more dance, swinging quality. The song had the instruments of the drum set, trumpets, saxophones, trombones and a stand-up bass along with the voice of Ray Charles with a female backup trio for the chorus. The song…show more content…
Hey Girl!” is an original song written by Louis Prima. The song was written for the movie, “Hey Boy! Hey Girl!” featuring both Louis Prima and Kelly Smith as the main characters. The song played on American Routes broadcast. The music genre classification would be swing music and/or big band because of the upbeat of the music. The piece almost had a jazz feel to the rhythm. The music had the instruments of a drum set, trombone, piano, stand up base, saxophone, and electric guitar along with the voices of Louis Prima and Kelly Smith. “Hey Boy! Hey Girl!” uses “call and respond” between both the vocal musicians. An example of the “call and respond” is shown right at the beginning of the song with “Aha (Aha), Uhum (Uhum), Si si (Si si) where Louis Prima starts with the “Aha” and is followed by Kelly Smith replying

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