The Pros And Cons Of The Communist Revolution

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There were famines, and many people died, but there were also times of plenty. I It is like the amount of good the communist revolution did is on an inverse to the time it existed, with the worst things happening at the end, and the best at the beginning. On the one hand, they eliminated inequality, but on the other, they inspired mobs to attack anyone who was considered to not be “politically correct”. All in all, the communist revolution did about the same amount of harm as it did good. The biggest and best part of the Communist revolution was at the beginning. They freed many people from a life of almost certain poverty, and gave everyone a share of the land, which had formerly been hoarded by the Gentry. With their own land and less taxes, they could produce all the food they needed, and were able to keep significantly more for themselves. They outed many corrupt government officials, and the majority of people needs were taken care of by the communist party officials. Funerals, medicine and other necessities many people could not afford were paid in full by the new government. People were given jobs, and everyone had…show more content…
Many people were asked to make personal sacrifices “..for the economic growth and survival of the state”. However, the new cooperative programs were able to vastly increase the output of most farms, and this meant more for everyone, so we can add to the positive pile. However, when the government saw the success of the cooperatives, they started the next phase of the five year plan, which involved collectives. These were widely disliked by the people, as it meant no one had private land any more, and many people had to give up much of what they produced. People did not like this, but they still had what they absolutely needed, and no one died as a result. this period had much good during the co operative period, but they lost just as much with the

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