Yolo Causeway Research Paper

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I have acknowledged your work on transportation, water, air quality, and climate change has won numerous awards at local, regional, and statewide scales according to N.A.E. Your work informs me that you are dedicated to eliminate issues surrounding traffic. I’m a concerned commuter that drives through your city. The traffic surrounding the Yolo Causeway on Interstate Eighty is one of the significant problems Sacramento regional commuter faces because it is a strain economically, environmentally, and physically. As a commuter that frequently drives about five to six days a week on the Yolo Causeway, the traffic in the area is an economical burden. There is a saying by Benjamin Franklin, “Time is money.” For example, the time I spent sitting in traffic, I could’ve spent that time working. Not only…show more content…
More importantly, traffic is impacting the environment. For example, the more fuel being use, the higher demand for fuel will be. Higher demand means more drilling for oil and most people knows drilling isn’t exactly environmental friendly. As reported by T.E.E.I.C, it causes haze, toxic chemicals, and dust that pollute the air and water. Cars produce carbon dioxide and it is primary contributor to global warming. Idling car releases one pound of carbon dioxide into the environment for every ten minutes. The less time spent on the road equal to less carbon dioxide in the environment. Some cars might have a slight oil leak that could get on the roadway, which it will accumulate to a bigger puddle of oil when it is idling at one same location compared to a fast moving vehicle that would leak less over the same distance travelled. When it rains, the oil from the leak could likely wash into Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area and harm the wildlife. Still, some might argue the oil will get wash into the wildlife area anyway. Of course, but the accumulated oil amount will be far less, which it will have smaller impact on the

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