Worl Rules Of Summer Literary Analysis

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Books come and go, but the ones that stand the test of time obtain literary accolades. Jane Eyre has managed to stand the test of time because of how well written the novel is and the dynamic characters Bronte created. It is a classic that many writers have used as a template for the basis of their work. Even if the plot line and character development cannot be appreciated the fluid prose that spilled from Bronte pens sure can. Pages are filled with just a few sentences that employ an abundance of literary elements while just describing a simple scenary putting the reader into a trance. However, Rules of Summer does not receive the critical acclaim that Jane Eyre does, for it is a beach read not an exemplary novel written to reveal a truth about the…show more content…
Rory is already the grown up in her household because she makes sure the bills are paid and her mother goes to work so she’s never had the chance to be a teenager until she falls in love with Connor Rule. “Besides becoming each other’s unlikely allies, both Rory and Isabel have a summer romance that will change [their lives]…[e]xpect a story about…first love (i. e. what happens after that amazing first kiss)” (Philbin). The two girls fall in love that summer which changes their lives; for Isabel, she loses her virginity and truly falls for a guy, something she has never done before and Rory falls for Isabel’s brother Connor and feels emotions unknown to her heart. Rory is already the adult in her family, but has never experienced love or even had a boyfriend so her maturing in the novel is shown through her romantic relationship with Connor. Isabel on the other hand is a stark contrast to the composed Rory; she has dated many boys and knows how to keep them and then lets them go when she’s done, but she has never truly fallen in love until she meets Mike, “a guy whom her parents would never approve of” (Book

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