Woman In Black Suspense

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Discuss how Hill uses language and literary devices in the opening chapters of `The Woman in Black` in order to create an atmosphere of tension and suspense. The tantalising tale of `The Woman in Black` has encouraged many readers to try other gothic novels. Susan Hill uses varied literary devices that give the book with a chilling insight that develops throughout the beginning chapters. Arthur, a kind and caring man has a secret, no ordinary secret. Arthur has endured a horrific experience. Hill uses foreshadowing to grasp your attention and urge you to keep reading. `An inextricable part of my past` Using the word `inextricable` it reveals the extreme fear Arthur had to deal with. It signifies the seriousness of his ordeal and highlights how Arthur been through a very rough time is now scarred. Many contrasts used by Hill in the beginning chapters of `The Woman in Black` are an excellent way to show the drastic change in mood of Arthur and another way to keep the readers anticipated. `excitement and laughter` `frenzy of agitation` The stereotypical Christmas eve is a joyous and fulfilling time which you share with loved ones. The atmosphere is usually calm but Arthur suddenly changes with the telling of ghost stories. It goes back to that idea of Arthur feeling scared because of his real story and the impact it had on him.…show more content…
In the beginning of chapter 3 Hill uses this certain technique. `blowing in gusts from the east with an unpleasant rain upon its breath ` This quotation is known as pathetic fallacy because the weather is given a human quality. In the chapter `The journey north` this particular quotation the wind is expressed as `breath`- this sounds like wind but is the air taken in or given out by humans. The pathetic fallacy provides an eerie atmosphere as it is on a train and Arthur feels isolated from the mainland, giving you the impression that something is likely to go
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