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In the book Winger the main character is Ryan Dean West, his peers also call him Winger because of his position on the rugby team. The story starts at a private boarding school his parents sent him to because they travel a lot. Ryan Starts the story with 3 main friends JP, Seany, and Annie. Ryan has a crush on Annie but since Ryan is 2 years younger than everyone in his class, Annie is hesitant to have feelings for him. Ryan gets moved to Opportunity Hall at the beginning of the school year for hacking a teacher's phone. O-hall is for the troublemakers of the school, Ryan is afraid the kids in O-hall will get him into even more trouble, and then he won’t be allowed to move back into the regular dorms. Ryan soon starts being influenced by these troublemakers in O-hall…show more content…
Ryan is very perverted and outwardly expresses his sexuality and desires at the beginning of the story. As Ryan goes through day to day life he becomes increasingly more involved with the kids in O-hall. His roommate Chas Becker has a girlfriend, and Ryan sits behind her in one of his classes her name is Megan. Megan starts to flirt with Ryan and they start to kiss and make out behind Chas’s back. This is a huge morale dilemma for Ryan, He still really likes his friend Annie but his sexual desires drive him to continue this act with Megan. As Ryan is trying to figure out how to stop doing this with Megan, his friend JP informs him that Annie will be his date to the upcoming Halloween dance. Ryan Immediately is outraged at his friend's betrayal he stops talking to JP and starts his endeavor to win Annie over while also worrying about his problem with Megan. Annie invites Ryan to spend the weekend over at her house when she goes home, they hold hands on the flight there and Ryan meets Annie’s parents. one morning Ryan and Annie go on a run and find themselves at an abandoned

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