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England was introduced to Feudalism during 1066 after the Battle of Hastings and Norman Conquest. William the Conqueror who led the Normans and was also crowned King William I of England was responsible for introducing them to Feudalism. To England, Feudalism to them meant that it was an exchange of land for military services. William the Conqueror claimed the land in England and then divided it between himself, a church and then the rest went to Norman soldiers and nobles, he himself got about 20 percent while the church got almost 25 percent and then the rest went to the Norman’s. After the Norman Conquest, William the Conqueror got a full survey of England. This survey was a book known as the Doomsday Book. It helped the present King of England by giving him every little detail there was to know about the land and people along with the amount of taxes and how much money would have to be given to the Normans.…show more content…
After their land was granted, they then had to provide a fully equipped army which was under the Feudal Levy. According to the English, Feudalism to them meant that after everything was said and done, there were only two Englishmen left to be landowners, however, the two of them turned traitor to the English. Anglo Saxons fought against the Normans and feudalism in England. Along with him, the rebellions were led by King Harold’s mother and father. They were also defeated after the Wake of the rebellions against the

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