What Goal Is Best For Shot Accuracy Essay

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What Goal Height Is Best For Shot Accuracy? The height of a basketball goal can affect the accuracy of a shot. The standard height of a basketball goal is ten feet. This does not mean it is the best height for shot accuracy. Lower or even higher raised goals can be known to improve some people’s accuracy and consistency. The accuracy of a shot is determined by different angles. “There is a reason why a high-arcing shot is desired in basketball. The ball needs to have an optimum angle to go in the basket” (Neese, 2010). Therefore, having a higher arc on a shot will give it a better chance to go in.Shooting the ball with a higher arc also makes it land softer on the rim. This allows the ball to have a higher chance of going in. If the ball is shot low and hard, it will most likely end up ricocheting off the rim. This of course gives it a very low chance of going in.…show more content…
If a goal is raised to fourteen feet and a shot is taken with the same arc that would be taken on a ten foot goal, it will obviously not go in. Raising the goal will make it much more difficult to shoot with the proper arc. Therefore, raising the goal will not be very effective if the shot accuracy were trying to be improved. Lowering the goal will also affect the proper shot angle, but not as much as raising. Lowering the goal will allow the shot to be taken with less force. This helps to be able to shoot easier from farther and closer distance, but not more accurate. To shoot on a lower raised goal, the arc is going to have to be lowered. This gives the shot a higher chance at hitting the front or back of the rim harder and at a lower angle, which of course will most likely result in a

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