Aronopoulos Chapter Summaries

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The story begins with John Singer, a mute-deaf man, who lives with his best friend Spiros Antonapoulos who is also deaf and mute. The two men live together in a small two-bedroom apartment in the middle of town. The location of town is unknown but it is in the Deep South. Antonapoulos works at his cousin’s fruit store and Singer works at a jewelry store as a silverware engraver. Singer and Antonapoulos have no other friend’s besides each other and they remain secluded from everyone else. After ten years of living together Antonapoulos gets sick and Singer nurses him back to healthy, but even though Antonapoulos has recovered physical he is changed mentally and begins breaking the law. As a result of his bad behavior Antonopoulos’s cousin sends…show more content…
Biff Brannon is the owner of the New York Café, a restaurant and pub. One particular night around midnight, Biff is overseeing his restaurant and one of the patrons is Singer, Biff goes upstairs for a minute and he awakes his wife who angrily orders him to remove the crazy drunk downstairs. Biff realizes that the drunk his wife is referring to is Jake Blount, Biff than moves Blount’s bags downstairs into the restaurant. Once downstairs Biff sells a pack of cigarettes to a young girl around the age of twelve by the name of Mick Kelly. Biff then doses off and is awakened by Willie, a black boy who helps out in the kitchen, who tells him that Blount has begun to start trouble in the ally way. The police come and settle Blount down and bring him back into the café, once inside Singer volunteers to bring Blount to his room in the Kelly’s house until Blount is sober…show more content…
In the morning Mick waited for Singer to awake but when she is told he will probably be sleeping late she decides to take her two younger brothers, Bubber and Ralph for a wagon ride. Together they go and visit a new house that is under construction and they hang out there for a while and then return home. The Kelley house is large but fourteen people live there, Mick’s family and seven borders. Mick has two older sisters Etta and Hazel but they don’t get along with her. Mick also has an older brother Bill, who she prefers over her sisters. Mick’s goal in life is to become a famous composer and she has begun to educate her self with music. The fourth chapter is in the eyes of Jake Blount. Blount awakens in Singers room and sees singer sitting at the table. He and Singer have a conversation and Singers offers to let Blount live there until he gets his own place. Blount takes Singer up on his offer and heads out for the day to look for a job. Blunt finds a job as a mechanic at a carnival and takes it. Blount then returns home and vents to Singer about his various life

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