Why Technology Is Considered Harmful

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Technology: Why it is Considered Harmful “The human condition is not perfect. We are not perfect specimens, any of us. We’re not robots.” This is implicating that, it is a well known and generally accepted fact that, humans were not born to be perfect. Humans grow more intelligent and skillful as time goes on, but it is not expected that we will become perfect. This means that there would be no room for error, something that happens every single day. Since humans cannot be perfect, we have found ways to create objects that can be perfect or close to it. One of the well known objects being mechanical robots. Robots now have the knowledge to not only comprehend what is being said to them, but to also generate a response. While many people may find this…show more content…
A robot, however sophisticated, is patently out of his loop.” (267-268). She is expressing her opposition against individuals using technology for more than simple tasks. In other words, she is saying that a robot cannot be used for companionship considering that it cannot actually relate to the human events that take place in our lives. Some humans are selfish and would prefer to be in control. By having a relationship with a robot, an individual does not have to worry about anyone else’s thoughts or feelings. Instead this individual can have the power to do whatever it is he or she wants. This includes demanding the robot to complete any tasks given to them. The robot can give different emotions depending on what it is that the individual wants. But if the emotions are programmed rather than real and meaningful do they still have worth? Is being in control and having the power to regulate what

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