Why Slavery Should Be Abolished Essay

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Why Slavery should be abolished slavery is an evil and inhumane practice that must be abolished! For the past 30 years I have raised under the falsehood of the benevolence of slavery in my home state of Georgia. My family have owned many generations of slaves from men who worked the fields, girls who picked the cotton, and women who made more men and girls. I grew up in an incredibly rich household due to this slavery, but somehow I knew in my heart that something was wrong. I’ve seen my grand daddy, father, and uncle all before me who brutalized those poor negroes. How callous of them! I was given the cow leather when I turned 16. It was a family coming of age tradition to whip a slave to near death who disobeyed. There was a look of fear…show more content…
This is notable Douglass when recalls his past when his “copy book” was “a board fence, a brick wall, and pavement” and then after “long, tedious effort for years” he was finally “succeeded in learning how to write”(26). It is often said that a negro is incapable of doing what a white man can do; It is also overlook the maxim that negroes and white men are all god’s children! No matter the color of our skin, the structures of our face, or the the continent we were born in, we are all human who possess the same qualities and faults. Douglass is the prime reason why the belief that slaves were unskilled laborers who knew only how to till the soil is false. Overall, many people assume that negroes are not able to do anything except for tilling soil and thus should be tied to the chains of slavery. However, these claims are completely false because it is shown that black people are capable of doing supposed white activities such as reading or participating intelligent conversation. Therefore, slavery should be abolished due to it restraining the power of the negro of

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