Why Public Sector Workers Should Not Go On Strike

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Chaos everywhere, crime at all-time highs, and buildings catching on fire everywhere, and no policemen or firefighters to stop any of this. All of this because these public sector workers refused to work and went on strike. Public sector workers should not be allowed to go on strike because it puts people’s lives in danger and when they go on strike, it costs people money. Public sector strikes affect everyone negatively so therefore they should not be allowed to do it. First of all, public sector workers should not be able to go on strike because it puts people’s lives in danger. Imagine if policemen just decided to stop working until their bosses bettered their pay. The criminals, seeing of this as an opportunity would rampage the city stealing and burglarizing. This would not be fair to the people whose lives are put in danger because of this. According to the article “Why Is It Rare for Public Sector Workers to Go on Strike?” incidents of…show more content…
I disagree because while this may have worked a hundred years ago it is very ineffective now. For example, if teachers want to have better pay they hire people to negotiate with their employers for better pay, working conditions, and so on. Public sector workers are heavily depended on by the common citizen unlike the private sector. It would not really matter if the private sector went on strike since life can go on without them. For example the passage “Why is it Rare for the Public Sector to Go on Strike” mentioned “if workers in a widget factory strike for higher wages, their actions can’t directly hurt anyone except themselves and their employers.” The public sector’s services are needed for the sanitary condition, safety, and health of citizens. Public sector striking is a very useful method for workers to use to protest; however, it is a very harmful

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