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I have seen many challenges that this young lady would go through due to choices, some good, and some bad. Whitney went on to attend Virginia State University. Whitney completed three years at this university before an unfortunate incident, a friend as Whitney to pick her from work since Whitney was the only one in her crew with a car. This day would be like no other day and would change Whitney’s life, out of nowhere a car ran the red light and T- Bone Whitney’s car a life changing moment in a split second. Upon return to Portsmouth, Whitney went back to working at the Portsmouth Dollar General Company, and completing odd jobs along the way to make ends meet. The job with the Portsmouth Dollar General Company came about through networking,…show more content…
I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly with regards to the kids, their growth and development. This lack of employment and the need to gain financial independence took a hold of her life choices and taking care of her growing family would lead T Whitney to create her own opportunity. Since conventional employment wasn’t a viable option, Whitney chose to make her own opportunity. Whitney started off with cleaning homes, which is when I started working with her. Every night even though I was broke down, I would help Whitney clean offices on military highway so she would not have to catch the bus since she would have to transfer and then catch three more just to get to Portsmouth. The great thing about this was that I didn’t have to worry about her and feel bad if something had happen to her. Whitney occasionally clean my house since I didn’t ask for gas or paid I was super happy with that deal of a life time, because I worked two jobs myself and helping her was three jobs. I was proud of her because word got out that Whitney was the cleaning lady and just like her grandmother she was a cleaning machine, Whitney’s brother knew this man who worked at the dealership that needed someone to clean his three car dealership offices from

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