Why Is Fortunato Considered A Bully

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In the story “Cast of Amontillado”, by Edgar Allan Poe, there is a character named Fortunato. I chose to write about three of his traits that he has that makes him unique. The three traits I found intriguing about him was he is a bit of a bully, he is kind of stupid, and last but not least he is full of himself, he is kind of selfish. I chose Fortunato because he resembles a jock in an old high school movie. Fortunato resembling a dumb jock really drew me into the story. Fortunato is a bully. Fortunato is considered a bully in this story because he acts as if he is by insulting the main character. He plays a big role in this story because he is the one that had insulted Montresor 1000 times, and all those insults push Montresor over…show more content…
In this story he is kind of like the dumb jock in a high school movie. Fortunato follows Montresor into an abandoned house. He accepted wine from Montresor, not thinking why Montresor had been so nice. Fortunato then got drunk and lead the way down to the catacombs, again not thinking about what was happening. Montresor then buried him alive. Fortunato is not the smartest person in the world but he plays a key role in this unforgiving story. Fortunato is one last thing that you can clearly tell from the story. Fortunato is full of himself. In this story Montresor noticed that and takes advantage of that. Fortunato insults Montresor 1000 times and doesn’t realize how mean he truly is. He also decides to lead the way down into the catacombs with Montresor behind him while drunk at the same time. He doesn’t really think things through either, and that goes along with being full of himself. Fortunato doesn’t realize what Montresor’s plan is because his ego blocks him from knowing everything. In the story “Cast of Amontillado”, there is a character named Fortunato. Fortunato is a bully, he is stupid, and last but not least is full of himself. These are all the traits that I found interesting about Fortunato and that is why I chose him the write about. Fortunato is all of these things which make him the perfect character to write

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