Why Is Bottled Water Is More Reliable Than Tap Water

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Water is an essential requirement for survival. Without water, there would be no existence of life on earth. Tap water is more resourceful than you think. It is a great tool when you become thirsty. Tap water is more reliable than bottled water; it is less expensive, and it is more effective for the environment. Tap water is more reliable than bottled water. There are now more opportunities to do with tap water than ever before. With tap water, you can filter and push out harsh impurities that is left in your water. You can do this with the tap of a button rather than buying bottles. If there was to be a recall on bottled water, where would you turn to for your water source? Stop for a moment and, think about your choices; another bottled brand of water or tap water? Tap water can go a long ways when you are resourceful about your drinking habits. Furthermore, tap water is a very inexpensive way to drink compared to drinking bottled water. You can drink as much as you want, and still maintain money in your pockets. The taste in the two water supplies are similar. You can also make it portable like bottled…show more content…
Drinking bottled water is a quick and convenient way to fulfill our body’s hydration needs. Bottled water has it’s benefits, but it is ridiculous to spend unnecessary money, when you can get it for free. Studies tell us that, “ While bottled water is widely consumed by people all over ther world, there are still some risks involved with many benefits” (HRF). It is shown here that bottled water may be used as an advantage when tap water is not available but, only in cases deemed necessary for the usage of them. There is good that bottled water serves but, it just does not cut it when it is compared to tap

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