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I plan to apply to the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science and the Arts (CLSA) for several reasons. First, I am attracted to this program because it ranks among the top institutes of technology in the United States, and will thus prepare me for an exciting and fruitful career. My research indicates that most of the CLSA’s academic majors are among the tops in the nation, including my own major of chemistry. My mother is a doctor, and in my spare time, I have sometimes helped her guide people through examination procedures. I have often overheard my mother and her colleagues talking about how many patients suffered from various diseases. Curious about how the drugs used to treat these ailments were synthesized, and how they improved the health of patients, I learned about these processes and their often quite significant side effects. This understanding kindled my interest in…show more content…
In addition to his medical treatment, he was strongly encouraged to adjust his diet and lifestyle. The doctor urged hum to minimize his drinking, consume less meat and more vegetables and get more exercise. I was in charge of supervising his treatment. Whenever he wanted a drink or to eat meat I would be in charge of dissuading him. I even accompanied him on a nightly jog. Six months later, all of his tests had returned to normal levels. Much of my father’s generation suffered from poverty in childhood, and as living standards improved, many of them were eager to enjoy the food and drink they were denied in their youth. The current generation is no healthier than the previous one, and in fact nearly 25% of boys in my hometown suffer from obesity. From witnessing my father’s experience, I came to realize how painful and how preventable some of these chronic diseases can be, and dedicated myself to contributing my efforts to the pharmaceutical

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