Why Do You Want To Live In An Island Essay

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Inside the relatively small island, there is nothing but a land and a forest. Outside the island is the vast sea stretching out as far as you can see. You are now left behind on the deserted island alone with no way of asking help to the outer world, and there are only three things that you are allowed to bring with you. Using the three things, you must keep yourself alive on this island. However, that’s not sufficient. To live longer and wait for the rescue to come, you need also to enjoy the life awaiting you there. In this respect, the three things to bring must serve not only to prolong your life but also amuse yourself during the boring life on that island. The first thing that meets this criterion would be a box of good fountain pens.…show more content…
Finally, and most importantly, a millennium prize problem is the key for my survival on the deserted island. How come it could be? Please follow the process. Millennium prize problems are a set of math problems that are worth 1 million dollars for their solution. If I should come home alive with the solution, I would be a millionaire! You may think that this eccentric behavior can be attributed to my outrageous love for math, but the reason goes beyond that. It's actually a strategy for keeping me alive. First, I would very much enjoy the time on a deserted island because I would be able to devote all my time for solving math problems. Second, I would hate to die on the island when I think about the possibility that I could get 1 million, so that I would strive to take every possible step to save my life. What is indispensable in keeping one’s life in extreme conditions is not the tools that help one get through the difficulties, but rather the spirit that makes one want to stay alive. In this respect, a textbook and a millennium problem of math, providing happiness and a reason for living for me, perfectly meets the

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