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The lack of confidence Hamlet possesses regarding his actions shows when he is attempting to murder Claudius and results in Hamlet backing down from the attempt. Hamlet tried to reason with himself internally, which made it gradually more difficult for him to murder Claudius because he believed it that the act of murdering Claudius after he is relieved of all his sins would be doing his father an injustice to his father, who did not get the same consideration. This is when Hamlet finally says, “Why this is hire and salary, not revenge” (3.3.79). This quote signifies that the act of murdering Claudius at this time would be simple justice for Claudius and would not satisfy Hamlets need to avenge his father. The doubt Hamlet had in his actions…show more content…
One instance is when Polonius, the father of Ophelia, orders her to stay away from Hamlet because the town gossip implies she has been sneaking around behind closed doors with Hamlet. Polonius goes on to divulge that if people within Denmark believe she is a harlot, no one will want to marry her. Polonius then continues to make known that Ophelia should, “Be somewhat scanter of your maiden presence; / Set your entreaments at a higher rate” (1.3.121-122). This statement implies that she Ophelia is not a hard prize to win in the eyes of her male counterparts and that makes her undesirable as a child bearer and as a wife. The negative mentality associated with her uncertainty of her role within society in Denmark, and regarding her status on the Great Chain of Being degrades her as a woman, and ultimately lead to the downfall of her insanity, and later, her death. Similarly, when Gertrude was encouraging Hamlet to refrain from his melancholic attitude and additionally discontinue the feminine qualities that were unbecoming, Hamlet questioned, “Why, she would hang on him/ … And yet within a month/ Let me not think on’t. Frailty- thy name is woman” (1.2.143-146). This statement lowers the worth of women and degrades women as well as their standing in society. Hamlet ultimately lowered her self-worth, and made Gertrude see herself in a…show more content…
For instance, in the play Claudius and Polonius are unsure if Hamlet is insane due to his indiscernible love for Ophelia or owing to the grief of his fathers’ passing. They further decide to spy on Hamlet during various scenes because of their lack of confidence to trust their own judgement. This shows when Claudius declares, “… For we have closely/ sent for Hamlet hither, / That he as ‘twere by accident, may here/ Affront Ophelia” (3.1.30-32). Both Claudius and Polonius are not sure whether to believe that Hamlet is love-struck and is mad due to his denial from Ophelia, or if it is due to the grief of his King Hamlets’ death, so the plan to spy on Ophelia and Hamlet is to put rest their suspicions and get a definitive answer. The plan, however, stems from a lack of confidence in their intellect and results in both of their separate murders. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern also have doubt in their intellect, which is why they followed the orders given by King Claudius because he ensured them protection and an affiliation with the king. When these two characters absent-mindedly followed the orders set by Claudius, they chose to do so blindly, skewing their own judgement. For instance, Hamlet soon caught on to their angle when he announced, “Oh thinking too precisely on th’event-/ A thought which, quartered hath but one part wisdom/ And

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