Why Do Tobacco Companies Pay Financial Settlements

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In several states major tobacco companies agreed to pay financial settlements. They are paying for the health problems due to smoking and using other tobacco products. Irving Coffman had made a statement that since the tobacco industry is taking action then other manufacturers of harmful products such as alcohol should do that also.I understand Coffman’s statement and where he’s coming from but i disagree for many reasons such as personal experiences, things i have observed, and articles i have read in magazines. Over the years i have experienced many people who smoked cigarettes and other tobacco products. I have noticed how the people who smoke show symptoms of the effects from tobacco. Coffman stated that other manufacturers should also pay financial settlements for health problems caused by their product. In my opinion other manufacturers of products such as alcohol and guns do not have to do anything. The tobacco industry wants to give back and that’s good for them but other manufacturers should not feel obligated to take action. It is not the company's fault that people use their products and risk harming themselves.…show more content…
I would see adults smoking and think well tobacco is bad for you why do they risk their health. The reason people do this is because they choose to smoke or chew tobacco even though the labels warn them that it is addicting and causes cancer. On tv i see these commercials about how it is not worth it to use tobacco by showing someone who smoked for years and had lost limbs or had died. People are aware of the harms that can come from any of these products such as buying a gun it is the people’s choice. If someone drinks while pregnant it is their fault they want to harm their child not the

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