Why Did Truman Use The Atomic Bomb Wrong

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When President Harry Truman decided to use the atomic bomb as a means to end World War II against Japan, he was wrong in doing so. One reason was that use of the bombs was declared illegal by the League of Nations. Another reason was that use of the bombs was used against Japan because of their race. The last reason was that the effects of the atomic bomb was wrong and inhumane, which also costed innocent lives to be lost. The first reason was the fact that the bomb was illegal. The League of Nations, which now is the United Nations, stated that the manner in which the atomic bombs were used were illegal in 1938. The rule says, “Any attack on legitimate military objectives must be carried out in such a way that civilian populations in the neighborhood are not bombed through negligence” (Barnes). This means that a unanimous resolution was issued, which banned “the intentional bombing of civilian populations, with special emphasis against bombing military objectives from the air” (Barnes). Although the U.S. was not necessarily a part of the League of Nations at the time, the president should have adhered to this one…show more content…
Americans made fun of Germans and Italians, but it was mostly about their political leadership. They also made satire about the Nazis, however, they made fun of the Japanese for who they are and what they look like. This kind of hatred can be put side-by-side with the Nazi hatred for Jews. “The Japanese were universally caricatured as having huge buck teeth, massive fangs dripping with saliva, and monstrous thick glasses through which they leered with squinty eyes” (Barnes). President Truman agreed with this view on the “Japs” in a diary entry, calling them “savages, ruthless, merciless and fanatic” (Barnes). Finally, the most obvious of all of the reasons provided, is that no one deserves the lasting effects of an atomic

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