Why Did The Nazis Put All Their Anger And Everything Towards The Jews

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Why did the Nazis put all their anger and everything towards the Jews? This is a question with a few different reasons for it. For example, they have been hated for a long, long time. There are stories from way back about Jews as well as they seem to be the reason for a lot. There has been lots of debate by historians for why the Nazis set out to exterminate Jews alone. Something bad enough needed to cause to want to exterminate an entire race off the face of the earth for good. But mainly the Holocaust happened for a reason and there was events that led up to it happening. There are multiple different reasons how the Holocaust started to begin. Germans along with the Poles, Austrians, French, Croats, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Lithuanians and others, were taught that Jews were evil from almost the moment they could understand language. People never gave Jewish people a chance they just went with what they were taught from birth. They said that the jews were pretty much minions of the Devil that wanted to ruin the Christian mind. They made Jews look as bad as they could from the things they said. A story was said that Jews would abduct little Christian boys and then murder them. Then they used the blood from the little boys to make…show more content…
In 1939 after the invasion of Poland, Jews were imprisoned in ghettos in Polish cities by the Germans. After this event was how the Holocaust got started. The conditions were awful in the confined ghetto. Tens of thousands died just from the disease, hunger and overcrowding of being there. Around the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 the Germans began the genocide of the Jews. They called this the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” instead of saying the “Holocaust”. They followed Hitler’s plans that he has laid out years before. The mass murder led to approximately 6 million Jews dead. Which is a lot of people to be killed. They managed to get this done through the help of local

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