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Imagine being surrounded by hundred-mile an hour winds and torrents of relentless rain that refuses to let up, as if Mother nature herself is against you. This is the sort of experience that many people suffer, and a lucky group survive. It is unimaginable, and nothing can truly do the experience justice, however, some do try. One of these such stories was written by David T. Hilbun. The title is “Hope.” This story tells of a boy and his father who survive a hurricane that barrels through their hometown. Reading stories such as “Hope” by David T. Hilbun can provide knowledge to those who have not experienced natural disasters such as hurricanes, and it gives those who have something to compare their experience to so that they can understand if their experience was similar to another’s or not.…show more content…
Nature is a powerful force, and this is no surprise to me, as it was created by God, the most powerful force that exists. Nevertheless, storms can be terrifying, and I am thankful to have never experienced one such as the hurricane described in this selection. The line that hit me the most was, “Screaming, flipping over and over, he bid a mental farewell to his father and a mental hello to his mother.” (Hilbun 681). I cannot imagine the fear involved in an experience such as this, and for Adam’s father, having already lost his wife, would have an even harder time if he lost his son as well. As well as healthy fear of storms, there is a certain amount of respect involved. While weather can be a formidable force, it has beauty as well, in the way the clouds swirl or how the sky darkens and churns like a witch brewing in her cauldron. So, while this passage did give me a better understanding of the power of storms, it did not really change the way I regard them

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