Why Are Athens Better Than Sparta

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Name: Dylan Ngo Date: 21/3/17 Opinions Two of the most powerful city-states are in a fight against each other to say who is the supreme city-state and which is a disgrace to Greek society. The Athens are the most Intelligent of the two having many great poems and fables by Sophocles and Aesop while having a great leader like Pericles. On the Other hand, Sparta had a magnificent king such as Leonidas the I. So what will you choose, the intelligent Athens or the warlike Sparta? I believe that Athens is better than Sparta due to what is around Athens, how they treat everybody, and its impact on the future. A starting point to support my reason, is what is around the nation. In Sparta, it is around a rocky place with lots of mountains. The mountains…show more content…
And why, you may ask that water is infinitely better than good soil. The one most important reason is trade. Trade is one of the most needed thing in a nation because most nations have a lot of one resource such as metal but has little to non resource such as wood. Now you may be thinking that sailing is not the only way of trading, people can trade by walking with their goods and then sell them at a trade city. Well the most efficient way to save time is by sailing the Aegean seas and trading your pottery and wine. In the end Sparta may have better land but the Athens have the ocean waves that help it prosper. Another point to my claim is the education. Now you might be thinking that the Spartan kids including boys and girls are educated so what would make Athens have a better education system? Well then, reader have you ever thought of educating slaves, no? Some people may say that if you educate slaves, they will fight back and escape, but on the other hand, you could leave those jobs like a construction worker, teacher, or a doctor and let the slaves do those

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