The Jade Peony Character Analysis

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Grandmama wasn’t an ordinary character. You’d even find her rummaging through other people’s trash cans to find her own treasure, without being conscious of what others think of her. But that’s what makes her stand out among everyone else as an individual. In the story “The Jade Peony,” we get to learn about her different beliefs and what makes her a unique person. To start off, Grandmama is an 83 year old Chinese-Canadian who is an immigrant to this country along with her family. She is very old and physically aging, but she still has a big heart for her family and grandkids, one of them being Sek-Lung. Grandmama refuses to go to the hospital and believes her illness is just a common cold, so she relies on natural remedies that have been passed onto her. She says “I am too stubborn. The only cure for old age is to die.” This is because Grandmama has very strong spiritual beliefs, especially in the afterlife. She knows that she will always be close to her family no matter what.…show more content…
She now mastered the art of creating her own wind chimes, as she constantly scours through trash cans to find her own pieces of glass. Grandmama was creating one to be the sign of her death, so her spirit will always be there. The family was embarrassed by her going through trash cans, as they thought she made them look like beggars. Sister Liang said “She will make little brother look crazy!” because she felt that grandmama was brainwashing Sek-Lung into something he is not, but the neighbors felt that she was only harmlessly crazy. I think that it is good that she was confident enough to do this for her culture and to not care what others are thinking of her, especially her

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