Who Is The Magna Carta A Universal Struggle For Equality?

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The Magna Carta was created with the purpose of eradicating the misuse of power. It was created when King John, who ruled England in 1215, was captured by his barons and forced to discuss his absurdly autocratic use of power. After negotiation, the Magna Carta was written with rules and regulations, in an effort to ensure the rights of both the people and their government and, in so doing, ensure that all free individuals came under the protection of the law (Magna Carta An Introduction). Still today many of the ideas first espoused in the Magna Carta show up in important documents that today are key cornerstones of democratic governments, such as the United States Bill of Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Magna Carta). The Magna Carta was a starting point for equality, although…show more content…
Yet even today, there remains a universal struggle for equality. How is it that even today with all of the advancements since the Magna Carta, there is still a lack of protection rights for every individual? When the Magna Carta was first created, the only people that were protected were those that were free. This unfortunately excluded a great many people, which was obviously an egregious design flaw. “No person shall be… deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law (Magna Carta and the Law)”. This implies that no one will have their rights stripped of them for any reason at any time. Back in 1215, this did not apply to regular townsfolk. It can be argued that today this applies to those that are not the majority. Today, more and more, it can be observed that higher

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