Summary Of Knock Knocking By Daniel Beaty

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What would your life be like if you had or no longer had a father figure in your life? In the poem, Knock Knock written by Daniel Beaty, the author describes a life of a boy whose father has been sent to jail and how the boy now struggles and thinks about everything his dad could have taught him. It also describes how individuals need to stick up for themselves, do what they believe is right, appreciate the good moments in life and to fight for opportunities for the generations we build this world for. Daniel Beaty uses repetition and change in mood/tone to portray how a father figure impacts one’s life by giving advice and guidance in the poem, Knock Knock. In this poem Beaty, often uses repetition to show layers of meaning within his writing.…show more content…
By implementing the word “Shared” into the quote, it explains that they no longer share this game in the present time. The greater meaning of this quote is to enjoy the good times in life because it could all change in a blink of an eye. Another quote that uses repetition is as stated, “I Knock Knock as my mama pulls me away/ Before my papa even says a word” (26-27). “Knock Knock” is used once again but in a different way. This time it’s replacement of an action that the character is doing instead of being a name of the game. “The action Knock Knock” in this quote, most likely means that the boy is in his mother’s arms and is struggling and hitting trying to get out of her grasp as he is trying to see his father, a man who he truly loves and would do whatever it takes to see him. With his father being on the other side of the glass as stated in this quote, the boy has lost the guidance and any advice his father could have supported him with in the years of him growing up. This shows that the boy’s father really meant a lot to him if he fought to go see him. The author portrays the message through the boy’s action to see his father that people need to fight for what they love and to not let it slip through their

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