Who Is The Hero In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Edmond Dantes resembles a vengeful toddler in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. He is so blinded by his desire to wreak havoc on his enemies; he nearly harms those he cares for most. When his enemies send him to prison for a fabricated cause, Dantes grows bitter and resentful with good reason. He decides to get revenge. To get his vengeance, Edmond merely supplies specific individuals indirectly with the opportunity to destroy their own lives. Edmond Dantes is not wholly responsible for the punishments of Danglars, Villefort, and Fernand Mondego, seeing as Dantes did not force them to make any of the decisions leading to their ultimate downfall. In the case of Baron Danglars, he was bitter towards Edmond from the beginning of the story. Multiple times, he was caught, “casting a look of hatred on Dantes,” (Dumas 3). He was jealous of Dantes’ life, for Edmond had love, assured captaincy of the ship, and many friends. It was with Danglars’ own free will that he sculpted the plan that ended up framing Dantes for a crime he did not commit. After Dantes emerged from prison with a new identity, the Count of Monte Cristo, Danglars was in complete control of himself when he followed the fake financial advice fed to his wife. Had he not trusted the Count, Danglars would still have his money and status in society.…show more content…
Dantes, a completely innocent man, was incarcerated as a dangerous criminal by the fully aware Villefort. Villefort was so invested in himself; he gave up one man’s freedom for his own. Not only did he send an innocent man to prison, Villefort used it to raise his position. “ ‘Yes, this letter which was to have spelt my ruin will probably make my fortune,’ “ (Dumas 37) and so, he destroyed the evidence that would have guaranteed Dantes’ freedom. If he had not done so, the whole revenge scheme could have been

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