Textual Analysis Of Dr. Pepper Advertisements

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For this assignment we watched two different advertisements for soft drinks; one advertised Mountain Dew and the other advertised for Dr. Pepper. The Mountain Dew commercial featured a skateboarder named Sean Malto skating down a ramp that has had matches duct taped to it and is lighting the matches by skating on them on his way down. Then, the scene pans out to the words ‘Do The Dew’ lit on fire. The Dr. Pepper commercial introduces the second annual college football playoffs, created by Larry Culpepper. It focuses on Dr. Pepper and its ties to American Football. The target audience for Mountain Dew is young adults who potentially like to skateboard and have a good time. I say this because the main people in the clip were young and seamed…show more content…
Pepper commercial used American football as the hook to attract buyers, most of whom were football fans and players. It's easy to see why, football being an American made sport and the most popular sport in America, it's also an excellent and overused method of advertising big name products. This advertisement hoped to appeal to younger people and relate to them on the level that Mountain Dew would be the cause of an awesome moment and that Mountain Dew is cool. Some of the lyrics that could be heard in the song were “Making it happen do what you love and you’ll get a reaction give it your all for a piece of the action get involved and the moment is magic” and it relates to the commercial because it is saying that Mountain Dew will help you do what you love and create an awesome moment, and who does not like that? The obvious purpose of this commercial is to sell soda, however there is an underlying goal as well. The advertisement visually ties Dr. Pepper to the tradition of College Football, forcing people to associate the two as being intertwined. This creates a psychological need to have a cold Dr. Pepper in hand while watching a Sunday…show more content…
The one unclear part was that at first you questioned why they showed pictures of matches and duct tape, but one can assume that those items were later used in creating the fire ramp. Although short, the commercial was not simple. While the obvious subject of the advertisement was the soda, the secondary subject, the playoffs, was never explained beyond it being the second annual playoff and that it was invented by Larry Culpepper. The main idea that the Mountain Dew ad was trying to get across was that Mountain Dew is cool and helps create amazing moments, and that you should buy Mountain Dew so that you can be in on those moments. Because no matter the content in the advertisement it is still an ad whose main purpose is to sell a product, make the product more recognizable, and affect how you perceive it. The main idea of the Dr. Pepper commercial is that American Football and the aforementioned soft drink go hand in hand. The company hoped that the association of their product and America's most popular past time would increase sales and create profits for the

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