Who Is Hester Prynne Evil In The Scarlet Letter

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"Ah, but," interposed, more softly, a young wife, holding a child by the hand, "let her cover the mark as she will, the pang of it will be always in her heart." (Hawthorne, 2) In The Scarlet Letter, the leaders of the town are very stringent and sin is a big deal. Hester Prynne is caught in adultery and she is punished greatly because of it. She is shunned from society and considered a renegade. She does not try to be an interloper and there is always a hiatus between her and the townspeople. She has a baby while she is still married because her husband has been gone for years. She does not even know if he is dead or alive. She commits this sin with the pastor, Arthur Dimmesdale, but he tells her to keep that fact a secret. In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, The Scarlet Letter, the…show more content…
Hester and Dimmesdale are punished physically, mentally, and emotionally. The people of the town punish Hester. Hester and her baby are put on a scaffold in front of the entire town so they all can see that she has sinned. Hester has to wear a scarlet letter on her in the shape of an “A” on her chest. The “A” stands for adulterer and stands out because of its color and beauty. This scarlet letter isolates her from everyone else and starts off as a symbol of shame. Hester is also put into prison and the leaders of the town try to take her baby, Pearl, away from her. They do not think she is fit to be a single mother and they think she is callow. Hester fights to keep her and gets to raise Pearl all by herself. Hester is shunned from society and all of the people look down on her. The people do not punish Dimmesdale, but his punishment comes from inside himself. He deals with guilt everyday. He punishes himself; he goes and whips himself in a secret room. Dimmesdale goes without food or sleep for several days and he gets weaker and weaker daily. He has an “A” imprinted on his chest, like Hester, but in blood because of his guilt and
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