What Really Happened In Charlie Gordon's Surgery?

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Many people in the world may wonder if they can change anything about themselves. Would you ever risk your life like Charlie Gordon did? Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old guy. He goes to school and has an IQ of 68. He works in a factory where he has friends there which are his co-workers. Although he had some difficulties before the surgery he also still had the same things after the surgery too. Charlie shouldn’t have had the surgery because the surgery can ware off, experienced heartbreak, and he should be happy for who he is. Charlie shouldn’t have had the surgery because the surgery can ware off. The surgery wouldn’t be stable because most brain surgeries are very intimidating and very hard. This surgery could also be dangerous by killing him eventually like Algernon. Also the doctor’s said the surgery may not last as long. Lastly the doctors didn’t give Charlie as much time as he should have had. This is not good because the doctors weren’t honest with Charlie so he doesn’t change his mind. Charlie said, “I get awful headaches and aspirin doesn’t help me either”(pg.339). Charlie is getting sick and he worries about many things. Also he never got sick before the surgery only difficulties with being smart.…show more content…
Charlie experienced many heartbreaks because after the surgery he felt sick because he found out that his co-workers in the factory aren’t really his friends. He also found out that they were just his friends just to make them laugh. Another reason would be when Algernon died. Charlie had feelings and became friends and really close to Algernon. Charlie mentioned,”I feel sick inside. Not like sick for a doctor, but inside my chest it feels empty like getting punched and a heartburn at the same time”(pg.332). Charlie finds out about his unreal friends by just making fun of him. Finally Charlie was always happy and wouldn’t have gone through all the sick

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