What Is The Rosco Family's Story: Fact Or Fiction?

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It was in the month of September 1992. The Rosco family lived in a small town in Alaska. Maria, the mom, was expecting a baby by December with her thirty-six year old husband James. They had a son named Julian who was thirteen at the time and loved to draw, drum, and write. Since Julian was a baby he wanted a husky so bad. There life was always good. Their dad had a good paying job, and had his wife stay home. It was chilly that Saturday morning and they were all inside by the fireplace lit with yellowish orange flames. They were watching the movie The Sandlot. When suddenly they heard a loud and strong rumbling noise that wouldn't stop, and got scared. "I'm scared momm-..." Julian couldn't finish before the rumbling stopped. Suddenly the air outside quickly turned into thick fog. Everything was quiet and nobody talked. "What was that," Maria asked. Her voice was trembling and her eyes started to get watery and big.…show more content…
When they walked outside to check. It was at least 8 degrees fahrenheit. Everything was fine for about five minutes before they heard the strong voice of the wind. Followed by hail and strong thick snow. The storm was so bad that some fire hydrants were hidden with thick snow. They stayed inside scared, frightened, and worried. The weather was so bad outside that the stray animals were dying one by one. Suddenly they heard the voices of three older people shout out," HELP, HELP, HELP!" They looked out the window and to their amazement. There was a family of three adults stuck in the

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